Thursday, December 4, 2008

Smalley's Inn- Carmel, NY

In Putnam County, NY there's a small town at the edge of a lake where retail businesses are popping up among the empty spaces, holiday trees aline the lake during December and a monument to Sybil Ludington stands proudly in a trance-like riding pose.

One historic restaurant still stands proudly and if you go inside you will either find a comfy little restaurant, Halloween decorations in October, or a Christmas town in December. One thing that is year-round and will always be there with you to share your meal are the ghosts.

The story about this place is that Tony's (the owner) son was fiddling around with a Ouija board one night with a few pals in the cellar of the restaurant. The Ouija board spelled something to the like of, open the liquor cabinet door, they did (never a good thing to listen to Ouija boards, and then the board said "now we will always be with you". Did they unknowingly open a passage to the other side that night, or is it the collective imaginations of the staff.

Having visited there many times I have yet to come across any specters while eating my stew, a few orbs have been photographed but they are only orbs. If your ever in the mood for a good hearty meal, great friendly staff and the possibility of seeing a ghost, then check out Smalley's Inn in Carmel. And if Tony is there ask him about the Ghosts, he'll tell you the stories and show you the pictures.

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Beck3128 said...

Just as I thought. Amy Allan, co-host and self-proclaimed psychic on The Dead Files, is so freaking fake. The history of Smalley Inn is posted all over the internet and it was years prior to Amy and Steve's "investigation" at the place. I am a medium and I don't have to prove it because I don't do it for money. But it is disgusting when someone like Amy Allan pretends to be psychic and know things that ANYone can look up online. I'm not jealous because I would never ever do what Amy does. I think she will pay for her lies someday and it won't be fun for her.